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Traffic Systems

Our experienced Traffic Systems team carry out work on traffic signal design, controller specification completion, FATs, SATs, and site supervision during implementation. This complete design service allows us confidently bid for work without being reliant on sub-contractors for elements of the scheme, which may cause delays or overspends. Our signals team have worked on some of the largest signal controlled schemes in the country and overseas and are well known within the industry.

2020 Consultancy also carry out "As Built" drawings and signal review reports to ascertain what improvements can be made to existing infrastructure to gain benefits such as additional capacity and improved safety. This service can form the background documents for funding to address areas of concern both safety and traffic flow.

Our systems team have built up some excellent partnerships with the country's leading Variable Message Sign companies. As a result we are able to offer the highest standard of equipment for very competitive prices. 2020 Consultancy produce detailed reports highlighting the most suitable locations for signs and the likely impact they will have.

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Traffic Signal Design

Traffic Signal DesignOur signals team have created a checklist containing 50 points that each junction is subject to, that enables them to ascertain the most appropriate setup for the junction such as MOVA, vehicle activated, or fixed time.

Our experienced Traffic Signal engineers deliver outstanding schemes using sustainable, innovative methods within the agreed budget and on time.

With vigorous analysis carried out on the proposed controller specification using emulator software along with detailed checks during the Factory Acceptance Test our clients can be sure that our signals team provide the highest standards of quality control.

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Traffic Signal Reviews

2020 Consultancy offer detailed traffic signal reviews that involves inspection of all signal infrastructure and equipment with a set or range of traffic signals. We produce an in depth report into each set of signals inspected stating the effect and suitability of their current use along with a list of remedial measures that can improve the operation.

This report is often the foundation for our clients to bid for funding to address the requirements set out in the report. As part of the report we detail the benefits the requirments will make i.e. adjusting the timings which will result in increased junction capacity, which will lower air pollution in the area.

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As Built drawings

Oversights, converting paper records to electronic records, office moves, and poor file keeping are just some of the reasons why up to date drawings do not exist. 2020 Consultancy can cross reference existing records and drawings with what is on site and where necessary produce "As Built" drawings for scheme files, which can be sent to CIPFA prior to any audits. As built drawings have additional benefits that include:

  • Background for future schemes including securing funding
  • Easy access to queries
  • Excellent source for maintenance recordds
  • Essential during collision analysis
  • Can be easily uploaded onto lap tops tablet PCs for site visits

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Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs are rapidly becoming one of the most crucial elements of highway infrastructure in both the UK and overseas. With a variety of information available, the signs can update drivers to live situations within seconds. Statistics show they can reduce congestion, collisions, and improve city / town economies.

2020 Consultancy have built strong relationships with some of the leading companies across the country. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest customer service whilst obtaining unbeatable value for money.

We source the most suitable signs for the project and review the location to find the most appropriate location for installation, which includes visibility, existing power connections, and the location in relation to sign purpose i.e. car parks.

We recommend discussing your needs with us so we can assist you in deciding what type of sign to implement at the chosen site.

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Vehicle Counts

Vehicle Counts in London

Data analysis plays a key role in the highway industry. The majority of schemes require data analysis to be carried out to enable the most appropriate action to be taken.

2020 Consultancy have various ways of capturing this data to provide clients with a detailed database of statistics.

Our survey technicians are fully trained with all the equipment we use and their experience allows them to make judgement over where to position equipment to gain the most accurate results.

We also offer traffic manourvre counts done via our part time numerators.

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