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2020 Consultancy has over 150 years of experience within its traffic engineering team with experts in a wide range of services including 20mph speed limits, Road Safety Audits, signage work, and Traffic Regulation Orders.

Our staff managed the design, implementation and analysis of the first city wide 20mph speed limit scheme that has successfully won a road safety award.

Our trained road safety auditors undertake stage 1-3 Road Safety Audits on a frequent basis, which includes detailed accident investigation analysis.

Within the Road Safety team, some of the most exciting and innovative casualty reduction schemes within the last few years have been designed and implemented.

With more vehicles on the road than ever before, managing the road network both from a road safety and operational traffic flow perspective is crucial.

2020 Consultancy have worked with various clients to ensure the road network is maintained whilst improving road safety for all users. Innovative traffic calming and speed limit reviews are examples of work we undertake on a consistent basis to achieve these goals.

We also undertake regular pedestrian crossing assessments to ensure vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists are not compromised as a result of impacts on the road network.

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20mph speed limits & zones

20mph speed limits & zonesHaving been involved in the introduction of 20mph speed limits across the country and across the world, there is nothing 2020 Consultancy do not know about implementing 20mph speed limits, whether it is on an individual road outside a school, or across 95% of a local authority's road network.

For every scheme we have been involved in we have made a bold statement. "2020 Consultancy will save you time and significant money". We have learnt what can be achieved, what can't be achieved, what should be done and what shouldn't be done.

Due to the experience in the team, we fully believe no one has more knowledge and understanding of 20mph speed limits. 2020 have been involved in radio shows, featured in magazines, and frequently provide presentations on the subject to trade events and at Universities across the country.

We sit down with our clients to discuss what they would like and then offer our opinion on the likelihood of that strategy working. Not every area is suitable for city wide orders and can see negative effects if it's carried out incorrectly.

We have the ability to judge the road, town, city, or area on the likely success of 20mph speed limits within minutes and this quick, honest judgement sets us apart from others.
To find out more about 20mph speed limits, 20mph zones or to arrange for a free presentation regarding how 2020 Consultancy can save you time and money on your schemes please contact us today or to request a quotation.

Speed limit reviews

On average six out of every 10 speed limits do not suit the conditions of the road*. Some remain too high; the majority are set too low. This causes issues that may not appear obvious. 2020 Consultancy are able to carry out speed limit reviews using our bespoke matrix system that will assess the suitability of all speed limits under review. Detailed reports with recommendations and suggested ways forward are provided.

This can include the necessary consultation and Traffic Regulation Order work required to set new speed limits or adjust existing limits that have discrepancies preventing enforcement occurring.

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Pedestrian crossing assessments

Pedestrian crossing assessments With the growing population along with the increase in urban development, pedestrian crossings are as popular as ever.

However for them to be effective, it's crucial the correct crossing is installed in the correct location.

2020 Consultancy carry out detailed assessments of proposed crossing locations to ascertain if they are suitable and review existing crossings to determine their safety and suitability.

Our assessments are carried out by fully qualified Road Safety Auditors who have carried out nearly 1000 audits between them.

Our assessments follow similar guidelines to Road Safety Audits and we undertake detailed analysis prior to the site visit and prepare comprehensive remedial works to identify what needs to be carried out to improve safety of the crossing.

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Road marking reviews

A road marking review can be a very useful way of ascertaining what current traffic regulation orders are enforceable and what is unenforceable. 2020 Consultancy create a report outlining what work needs to be carried out to turn an unenforceable traffic regulation order into a legal order.

Road marking reviews are also a useful tool to compare against accident data, to ascertain any trends that may be due to poor road markings; either the layout or the condition.

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Road Safety Audits

2020 Consultancy carry out Road Safety Audits on a daily basis for both the public sector and private developers. Our Road Safety team have carried out over 1,000 Road Safety Audits with a combined experience in excess of 50 years. Our team have audited sites ranging from simple zebra crossings, to large complex junctions and housing developments. All of our Road Safety Auditors are fully qualified to meet the Highways England requirements set out in the DMRB HD 19/03.

2020 Consultancy cover the entire country and if required, overseas. Our turn around for completed Road Safety Audits is usually within five working days and urgent requests can be completed within 48 hours if required.

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Signage Strategies

Our Traffic Engineering team have undertaken signage reviews throughout the country and have highlighted a broad range of issues that are common on the highway including the location of signs, the illumination of signs, and the size of signs. Our strategies ensure safety is paramount for traffic and also pedestrians. In an age where appeals against Traffic Regulation Orders and enforcement are as high as ever, it is vital to ensure the signage is correct.

2020 Consultancy produce detailed reports with an easy to view schedule of works with approximate cost to highlight what needs to be undertaken. This is prioritised as high, medium, or low depending on the identified issue.

Our signage strategies are usually low cost, which means they can be covered by revenue budgets if funding isn't available for capital works. Please contact us today to find out more about our signage strategies or to request a quotation.

Traffic Calming

2020 Consultancy offer a wide range of traffic calming measures from simple low cost schemes such as road marking modifications through to complex physical traffic calming measures.

Choosing the correct traffic calming measure for an individual road or area can be difficult. This is because most calming measures have benefits but also drawbacks.

We produce feasibility reports as to what the best options are available with estimates and why each option may work with any necessary drawbacks included on a regular basis.

These reports can be funded from revenue and are excellent sources of information to include with funding bids.

If you are interested in using 2020 Consultancy to investigate, design, or implement traffic calming measures please contact us today for a quotation.

Traffic Regulation Orders

2020 Consultancy provide clients with legal enforceable Traffic Regulation Orders that range from speed limits to waiting restrictions. Our team are experts at both the engineering and the legal elements. This means that our orders are written using the correct legal terminology along with accurate measurements that are robust, reducing the likelihood of successful appeals.

Using 2020 Consultancy can cut down the length of waiting time for Traffic Regulation Order schemes, which results in quicker scheme delivery and potential under spends.

Traffic Regulation OrdersPlease find below a selection of projects that 2020 Consultancy offer that require a Traffic Regulation Order to be implemented prior to the delivery of the scheme:

  • Speed limits
  • Waiting Restrictions
  • One-way streets & no entries
  • Weight limits
  • Bus lanes
  • Cycle lanes
  • Car sharing lanes
  • Banned movements such as right turns or u turns
  • Temporary orders
  • Permanent orders

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