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  • Home - 2020 Consultancy is a specialist highways and transportation consultant with a wide range of services. We work with public and private sector clients across the UK and overseas on small and large scale projects.
  • About - 2020 Consultancy have some of the countries leading experts in a range of services including road safety, transport and parking services.
  • Company Profile - 2020 Consultancy has 8 full time staff and up to 12 part time / contractors. Staff are separated into two teams; Engineering design, and Transport planning.
  • Services
    • Traffic Engineering - This page has details on the following:
      20mph speed limits & zones, Speed limit reviews, Pedestrian crossing assessments, Road marking reviews, Road Safety Audits, Signage Strategies, Traffic Calming and Traffic Regulation Orders.
    • Traffic Systems - This page has details on the following:
      Traffic Signal Design, Traffic Signal Reviews, As Built drawings, Variable Message Signs and Vehicle Counts.
    • Highway Design - This page has details on the following:
      Developer Funded Schemes, Drainage Design, Project Management and Site Supervision.
    • Transport Planning - This page has details on the following:
      Transport Planning, Transport Modelling and Transport Assessments
    • Parking Services - This page has details on the following:
      Car Park Variable Message Signs, Off Street Parking Reviews, On Street Parking Reviews, Parking Signage, Parking Strategies, Resident Parking and Traffic Regulation Orders.
    • Sustainable Transport - This page has details on the following:
      Cycling Schemes, Pedestrian Improvement Schemes, Public Transport Studies and Travel to Work Studies.
    • Public Realm - This page has details on the following:
      Open Space Design, Shared Space Schemes, Street Design and Town Centre Improvements.
    • Community Engagement - This page has details on the following:
      Community Services.
    • Road Safety Education - This page has details on the following:
      Road Safety Education.
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  • News- Our recent news section includes updates on projects and new projects which 2020 Consultancy have successfully been awarded a contract.
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