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Public Realm

2020 Consultancy have worked on public realm schemes including urban street design, residential developments, town centre improvements, and open space design. We produce detailed drawings and stunning 3D CGI drawings that enable our clients to visualise our designs. 

Public realm is one of the few elements of highway design that affects the entire population as public realm is where we work, live, play, and socialise. Therefore the design of new schemes has significant attention from the initial design.

Our design team have a range of skills and abilities that enable us to offer clients the complete public realm package from scheme investigation through to site supervision and even post scheme analysis. We offer various scheme options and all of our site investigation studies suggest three proposals; high cost option; medium cost option; and low cost option.

This gives our clients the opportunity to review the most appropriate measures and ascertain what can be delivered.

One of our primary aims when producing public realm schemes is to make sure each project is bespoke and we endeavour to relate schemes to the local area and heritage for a truly unique feel that enhances the lives of local residents. Our team are passionate about the work we produce and this is clear through the innovative designs proposed.

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Open Space Design

2020 Consultancy have worked on several open space projects such as parks, children's play areas, and car parks. Our public realm team use innovative sustainable methods to produce spectacular designs that significantly improve the area. As with all our public realm schemes we produce three designs for our clients; high cost, medium cost, and low cost options with estimated costs. This is helpful for both internal consultation and public engagement.

Our open space design focuses on creating a natural feel. We sub contract the architectural design out to a highly respected company that produce stunning designs that bring our initial designs to life.

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Shared Space Schemes

Shared space schemes have become popular around town / city centres and within new residential developments. Our public realm team has vast experience in the design of shared space schemes and have implemented some eye-catching schemes that have proven most popular.

There are basic principles that need to be considered when implementing shared space schemes such as:

  • Ensuring traffic speed will remain low at all times through speed limits and traffic calming
  • There is a distinction between the carriageway and footway when required such as coloured surfacing or use of alternative materials.
  • There is adequate signage stating it is a shared space area
  • Protective measures are installed where necessary such as bollards

2020 Consultancy produce all designs around the above principles, which ensure spectacular design with safe measures to compliment the design. We sub contract the architectural design out to a highly respected company that produce stunning designs that bring our initial designs to life.

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Street DesignStreet Design

2020 Consultancy has implemented public realm measures on a number of streets throughout the country that has bought communities together through the implementation of stunning street design along with significantly improved road safety for traffic and vulnerable road users.

We endeavour to use sustainable innovative measures for all our schemes to ensure our clients get bespoke projects that promote local values, which creates its own identification.

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Town Centre Improvements

Due to the increase in out of town shopping centres, it is crucial that town / city centres are welcoming and create enjoyable experiences for visitors. Town centre public realm enhancements allow for significant improvement to be made to a wide range of elements, which will boost the economic standing of the town / city and allow competition with the out of town shopping centres.

2020 Consultancy have a team of experts that can produce stunning designs that will almost certainly see an increase in visitors to the town / city, which will lead to greater income. We have a wide range of packages available to suit the needs of clients that range from small scale works such as signage and infrastructure to complete centre designs including footway widening, surfacing and materials, and precinct design.

Our design team will be happy to carry out an investigation report and suggest measures or simply carry out the design based on the requirements of the client.

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