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Parking Services

2020 Consultancy provide a wide range of parking services that range from on street and off street parking reviews to car park variable message systems. Our clients include public sector and private companies.

Our parking services team work closely with our traffic engineering team to ensure that safety, traffic flow, and location of parking infrastructure isn't compromised during new works.

The services we offer include:

  • On street & off street parking reviews
  • Parking strategies
  • Car park design
  • Car parking signage
  • Car Park Variable Message Signs
  • Residents parking
  • Traffic Regulation Orders


2020 Consultancy have a proven track record of visible improvements to towns and cities following involvement from our parking services. We carry out before and after surveys within towns and cities to ascertain what impact our work has had in the area. Some of the results surprise even us.

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Car Park Variable Message Signs

Statistics demonstrate the impact Variable Message Signs have within towns and cities. It can reduce congestion, improve air quality, increase revenue, and improve the economic standing within the area. On average parking revenue increases by 10% and congestion reduces by up to 25% following the installation of car park Variable Message Signs.

Our parking services team have the knowledge and understanding to gain the best possible results for an area. Our innovative decision making process sets us apart from the others and this is one of the major reasons we see such positive results. Changing an existing car park VMS for a free text VMS saw huge increases in parking volume and revenue of city centre car parks. This is just one of our methods we look into prior to the implementation of signs.

Our quote includes all the surveys we carry out; before and after implementation. Contact us today to find out more about our car park Variable Message Signs or to request a quotation.

Off Street Parking Reviews

The majority of parking revenue is generated from off street car parks. Therefore it is imperative that the car parks can be utilised to the maximum at all times. 2020 Consultancy provide off street parking reviews that outline the existing usage of car parks and more importantly where improvements such as capacity, access and visibility can be made.

We can provide detailed car park design for improvements and where necessary "As Built" drawings highlighting existing infrastructure. With the emergence of private retail parks, town and city centre car parks need to be as effective as possible to ensure town and city centres do not see an economic downturn.

2020 Consultancy liaise with the relevant services including town/city centre managers to discuss parking provisions and expectations. Our design service includes innovative sustainable measures where ever possible whilst maximising space. We ensure that traffic flow through the car park is straight forward and obvious to avoid unnecessary congestion and delays. We also provide safe pedestrian access areas for all our designs.

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On Street Parking Reviews

2020 Consultancy have the necessary expertise to review areas with or without parking restrictions and propose actions to alleviate parking concerns. Our on street parking reviews begin with surveys carried out over a period of time across a day including night time, and over a period of a week to ascertain how the current provision is working.

Our parking services team produce detailed reports including recommendations to improve parking in the area. If required we can produce detailed drawings showing proposed waiting restrictions, which then can be consulted on. We can also produce the Traffic Regulation Orders once consultation has concluded. Some examples of restrictions include:

  • No waiting at any time
  • No waiting at specified times
  • Limited waiting
  • Controlled parking zones
  • No loading at any time
  • Taxi ranks

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Public Sector Clients

2020 Consultancy can review and design all the necessary signage associated with parking from limited waiting plates to controlled parking zones. Our parking service team can produce detailed reports into borough wide parking signs that highlight discrepancies, errors, remedial works, and signs in a poor condition.

With parking restrictions requiring Traffic Regulation Orders, it is essential that the signage is correct. 2020 Consultancy can take this responsibility on for you.

We can undertake site visits and produce all necessary signage drawings within a short period of time. Where necessary we can complete the work within 5-10 working days.

Contact us today to find out more about our parking signage reviews or to request a quotation.

Parking Strategies

Parking StrategiesParking strategies are becoming more important due to the number of vehicles on the roads. The strategies enable local authorities to manage and deliver parking services. Benefits of parking strategies include:

  • Review of parking policies
  • Ascertain requirements for parking provision for on and off street parking
  • Reductions in congestion caused by parked vehicles
  • Improve journey times
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Increase economic standings of towns and cities
  • Maximise space available for parking
  • Enable enforcement of parking restrictions effectively

2020 Consultancy can manage or assist the production of parking strategies from the initial review of policies and objectives, through preliminary design and consultation, to the completion of the report. Our parking strategies are bespoke to each of our clients and we ensure that the strategies meet all objectives set by the local authority.

To find out more about our parking strategies please contact us today. Alternatively contact us for a quotation.

Resident Parking

Commuter parking has increased significantly in recent years. As a result, residential areas in close proximity of town and city centres are subject to vehicles parked all working day.

2020 Consultancy have designed a number of resident parking schemes, which have proven to be successful in alleviating the parking provision in residential areas. We can include residents parking within on street parking reviews or treat it as an individual scheme. Not all roads are suitable for such schemes and our parking services team will carry out detailed investigations to ensure the appropriate roads are progressed.

Our parking services team can also carry out investigations into existing resident parking schemes to evaluate how they work and whether any improvements can be made.

Contact us today to find out more about our resident parking schemes or to request a quotation.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation OrdersPenalty Charge Notice appeals for waiting restrictions is increasing year on year. If the relevant Traffic Regulation Order isn't correct the appeals will be successful. It is therefore crucial to ensure the Traffic Regulation Order is correct and it matches what is on site.

2020 Consultancy can implement Traffic Regulation Orders that are accurate, which will result in significantly less successful appeals against Penalty Charge Notices.

2020 Consultancy will be considerably quicker than in house legal teams due to the various bureaucratic procedures in-house local authority teams have to go through along with the other legal work they produce on a daily basis. Our service is cost effective due to the accuracy involved in the order and our experience in the team.

We maintain contact with our clients throughout the process and we are happy to attend committee meetings to act as subject experts. We adjust our service to suit the requirements needed.

To discuss your requirements contact us today or request a quotation.

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