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Highway Design

2020 Consultancy have an experienced highway design team with specialities in a wide range of design disciplines including:

  • Junction design
  • Roundabout design
  • Carriageway widening
  • Footway widening
  • Cycle schemes
  • Residential development design

Our design team liaise with our clients closely to ensure we fully understand the needs and requirements. We undertake a full feasibility study of all highway design schemes producing a detailed report into the findings with recommendations and proposals.

We are happy to manage the whole project from initial design, through public engagement, into construction and where necessary post scheme analysis. We attend public meetings and deal with public enquiries through the length of the project.

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Developer Funded Schemes

Our highway design team spend a lot of time producing designs for developer funded schemes. With new developments occuring throughout the country, local authorities are under increasing pressure to secure agreements under the highway act for contributions from developers for highway improvements.

Agreeing how to utalise the funding can become a challenging task. The majority of local authorities identify schemes that will allow all the funding to be committed, although this isn't always the most advanterous decision.

2020 Consultancy undertake detailed studies into new development sites and provide recommendations and reasoning behind our choice based on the data available to us.
Our design team work closely with private developers to assist in the design of new developments such as residential estates and retail parks.

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Drainage design

2020 Consultancy have dealt with some large drainage schemes that have addressed flood prone areas with excellent results. Our engineers get their fingers dirty on site on a frequent basis. This allows them to judge exactly what needs addressing for improvements to be made.

We are capable of working with private developers to discuss the necessary design for new constructions as well as what can be done at existing estates.
Our engineers are renowned for the innovative design and desire to produce sustainable solutions. We produce detailed reports into our findings and we can act as subject experts on planning appeals.

With over 50 years' experience within the team there isn't many circumstances we haven't seen before.

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Project Management

Project ManagementAll our Project Managers are fully qualified in project management through Prince2.

This qualification gives our clients the piece of mind that 2020 Consultancy can manage large complex schemes ensuring the key tasks remain unaffected throughout.

Our Project Managers produce weekly feedback statements for our clients that summerise the major elements of a scheme including:

  • Scheme progress
  • Finance spend
  • Updated risk assessment
  • Identified issues
  • Ressolved issues
  • Upcoming events
  • H&S issues

Without the correct project management of a scheme, it can become very easy for delays to occur and additional costs materialise. Thanks to our detailed project plans 2020 Consultancy can accurately predict the outcome of a scheme from the outset making modifications where necessary.

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Site Supervision

2020 Consultancy have trained site engineers that can safely supervise construction work on site including any setting out required. Our engineers hold the appropriate qualifications and have all been on specialised training courses that enable them to comfortably deal with site issues such as residents, emergency services, and utility companies.

Our site engineers make daily assessments of traffic management to ascertain the likely effect on traffic flow in the area. They liaise with network co-ordinators to ensure the project will not impact the road network. They also liaise with streetworks teams updating notices and section agreement forms where necessary.

Our site engineers ensure that projects are delivered on time and under budget.

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