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Community Engagement

2020 Consultancy have been involved in numerous consultations and community events in relation to highway schemes. We have a designated officer whose sole responsibility is to ensure that consultations carried out are at the highest possible standard.

The officer has worked on over 200 public consultations on a variety of schemes that range from simple waiting restrictions to the construction of multimillion pound new roads and junctions along some of the countries busiest routes.

All our design consultants are experts at public engagement with considerable experience across the team. We have consultants who have won awards for the community engagement covered during schemes as well as consultants who have been acknowledged by central government.

We can manage the public engagement of schemes that our team is designing or we can manage the public engagement of existing schemes that are high profile or do haven't got the relevant staff resource.

2020 Consultancy have a detailed communications plan for a number of alternative schemes that can be put in place easily and result in a consistent manageable consultation process that produces positive results. We utilise various methods of public engagement from social media to booking road closures for street parties.

Our involvement in public engagement demonstrates an average increase in public response by 25% and demonstrate an average increase in the support of proposals by 16%.

We run media campaigns for large projects and successfully garner support from key stakeholders, local residents, and local businesses due to our approach and methodology. Our design team can produce various forms of collateral such as t-shirts, billboards, car stickers, and post cards.

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Communication Services

The most important element of community engagement for highway related schemes is how the proposals are communicated with the key stakeholders, local residents, and local businesses. 2020 Consultancy have a designated communications officer that oversees all aspects of communication during community engagement.

This expertise allows us to reach as many stakeholders as possible, providing clear detailed information required to allow consideration for the proposals to take place.

Communication ServicesWe use various methods to carry out communication including:

  • Social media
  • Letters
  • Post cards
  • Billboards
  • TV adverts
  • Radio adverts
  • Internet
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • 2020s bespoke text alert system
  • Public meetings
  • Special events
  • Variable Message Signs
  • On street surveys
  • Notices
  • Traffic signs
  • Advertising space such as buses, bus shelters, taxis, and newsletters

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