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Since our creation in 2012 as a sole trader, we have worked with a wide range of clients including the public sector, the private sector, and overseas clients. We work predominately with local authorities providing a variety of services ranging from small scale works such as Road Safety Audits and feasibility studies to large projects such as national policy and town centre engineering schemes.

Our client base has grown each year and we have now worked with over 50 clients within four years. We are proud to advertise that nearly 70% of our clients have returned to us for more than one project.

We have worked across the UK and in four continents for highway authorities that have sought our expert advice and guidance on key highway and transportation projects.

Public Sector Clients

Our Public Sector Clients include Hampshire County CouncilAll staff employed by 2020 Consultancy has significant local authority experience with over 100 years of combined service.

This background ensures we have a comprehensive understanding of local authority policies and procedures, which allows us to deliver tailor made projects that virtually always exceed expectations.

Each of our clients are treated individually and we spend considerable amounts of time researching key values and principles the client may have to ensure these are reflected in our outputs. This forms part of bespoke charter that allows us to deliver outstanding projects.

We have worked with numerous local authorities on highway and transportation projects. These include County Councils, City Councils, Borough Councils, and District Councils.

We often work with local authorities that are not the highway authority providing the service, experience, and expertise required to deliver work on the road network. We have also worked with central government bodies to deliver high profile projects that have a national audience.

We have worked with various Parish Councils that utilise our expert knowledge and service to assist deliver projects within their communities.

We often lay the foundations for future work by undertaking feasibility studies and consultation exercises that start the process to gain funding from the highway authority.

We also spend a lot of time working closely with schools and academies on key projects that have a direct impact on the safety and wellbeing of the children that attend. This includes road safety education that we consider essential to the development of children.

Please find below a selection of our public sector clients we have worked with:

London borough Enfield
London borough of Hillingdon
London borough of Sutton
Hampshire County Council
Surrey County Council
Gloucestershire County Council
Devon County Council
Bristol City Council
Leicester City Council
Brighton City Council
South Gloucestershire Council
North Hertfordshire District Council
Market Harborough District Council
Reigate & Barnstead Borough Council
Christchurch Borough Council
Department for Transport
Department of Health
Various Parish Councils
Various Primary and Secondary Schools
City of London Corporation
Bromsgrove District Council
Cambridgeshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council
MK Council
London borough of Lewisham
Worcestershire County Council
Isle of Man Government

Private Sector Clients

Our Private Sector Clients include Taylor Wimpey Homes and Bovis HomesAlthough we spend less time working with our private sector clients, our level of service remains consistent. As a private sector organisation, we understand the pressures that our clients face on a daily basis.

Our outstanding knowledge of the industry ensures the delivery of our work matches the expectations set by the private sector.

We understand how the private sector and public sector differ regarding policies and procedures and we adjust our planning and delivery to ensure a seamless delivery from conception with the client to delivery of the output.

We have worked with a wide range of clients involved directly and indirectly with the highways and transportation industry.

We often provide the link between the client and the local authority acting on behalf of the client as the subject expert.

A selection of our private sector clients include:


Overseas Clients

Within the last two years we have expanded our company to allow ourselves to work with overseas clients. Our aim is to create a global recognisable brand that represents the highest quality in highways and transportation. We are looking to create partnerships with key organisations across the globe to provide services on a regular basis.

Our overseas clients have included:

Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, Netherlands
New South Wales, Australia
New York State, United States of America
MLIT, Tokyo, Japan

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We work with public and private sector clients across the UK and overseas on small and large scale projects.