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2020 Consultancy was setup in 2012 as a sole trader to enable public and private sector companies the opportunity to bring in expertise for specific traffic engineering schemes such as speed reduction schemes, and signage schedules. We predominantly worked on the implementation of 20mph speed limits and 20mph zones.

As a result of our success within the first 12 months we were able to expand the company into a private limited company offering a more varied range of services.  We were also able to start competing for contracts as part of tender exercises.

We have now worked with over 40 clients delivering in excess of 100 projects ranging from small assessments through to national framework agreements.

This success is primarily due to the passion and dedication the director has installed in the company and this vision is shared by all staff members. 2020 Consultancy now employee 13 full time members of staff as well as having upwards of 12 part time or contract specific members of staff. This allows us to compete for larger projects throughout the UK and overseas.

Keeping our overheads to a minimum

We operate a mobile working system with a number of our employees working within client offices or nearby office locations as part of an arrangement we have. This allows us to keep our overheads to a minimum, which benefits our clients as it enables us to keep our quotations lower.

We often secure contracts with maximum scores for quality and price, which we are told isn't common. As part of our quotation we always provide a discount for clients we haven't previously worked for as we are confident our level of service will ensure the client uses our services again.

About 2020 ConsultancyWe also offer considerable discount for periods of contract work which can range from 3 months to over 36 months.

2020 Consultancy understands in today's climate, funding takes on more significance and so does peace of mind that you are getting value for your money.

Therefore we have in place a transparency policy that states that we can provide our clients with a detailed breakdown of where money has been spent and how much time we have spent on any given task within a project. We have a number of reporting mechanisms in place to provide our clients with up to date progress whenever required.

We have in place a number of quality management processes that ensure are high standards remain consistent through each and every project. We are currently in the process of gaining an accredited quality management certificate that will reinforce our standards to our clients.

We are happy to share our quality management policy with any of our clients including summaries of the feedback we receive from existing clients. All of our employees directly involved with the management of projects have successfully undergone PRINCE2 project management training which further endorses our work standards. 

2020 Consultancy have a number of policies in place that we work to on all projects and the day to day running of the business. Our environmental policy ensures that our designs are sustainable and make provision for the use of sustainable measures and materials. Green travel ensures that we remain sustainable and we are proud to have been shortlisted for two sustainable business awards within the last 12 months.

Our Health & Safety policy is made available to all of our staff members and clients and is updated every three months to ensure we keep our employees, our clients, and the general public safe as part of any work we are involved in. We provide Health & Safety training on a regular basis to all employees working for us.

Client satisfaction is our main objective and we continue to improve as a business to ensure we are offering our clients the best possible service at all times regardless of the size of the project, or our involvement within the project. We seek feedback from all our clients and are happy to make the necessary changes to improve following feedback received.                               

If you are interested in working for 2020 Consultancy please email your CV to careers@2020consultancy.co.uk


2020 Consultancy is extremely proud of the staff we employee. We have some of the countries leading experts in a range of services including road safety, transport services, and parking services.

This allows us to offer our clients a range of innovative proposals and solutions to complex issues that often haven't been considered. This is one of the many reasons we believe separates us from other consultants within the industry.

As we often bring in expertise for specific projects depending on our staff resource at the time, we are always on the look out for employees that share our vision, and can bring fresh ideas into the business to allow us to continuously improve.

If you are interested in working for 2020 Consultancy please email your CV to careers@2020consultancy.co.uk

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