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Transport Planning

It is critical significant research is carried out before new developments occur. Failure to fully understand the background of new projects can severely affect time scales, budgets, and subsequent work in the area. 2020 Consultancy provide expert transport planning and undertake transport strategies to enable the successful delivery of projects for both public sector and private development clients.

2020 Consultancy spend significant time, resource, and expertise on new developments and retrospective reviews to ensure the correct outcomes and specification can/ have been delivered. Our transport policy team can assist or manage projects from the initial investigation through to the completion of schemes or reviews.

Our transport policy team work closely with our designers and engineers to ensure consistency is maintained throughout the project and the report contains accurate details.

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Transport Modelling

To enable accurate forecasts to be made on new roads / junctions or major modifications to existing roads / junctions transport modelling needs to be carried out. 2020 Consultancy work for both public sector and developers to produce accurate traffic flow forecasts on the road network as a result of new developments or modifications to the existing infrastructure. Without this information major schemes can be rejected which can cost considerable money.

New developments are created on a regular basis. 2020 Consultancy can assist in the transport modelling from the early phase to ensure the constructed design doesn't need retrospective action to comply with the road network demands. Our modelling can be used as evidence during section agreements such as junction design.

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Transport Assessments

New developments that are likely to have a significant impact on transport require transport assessments to be undertaken at the same time as planning applications are undertaken.

2020 Consultancy produce transport assessments for a wide range of development opportunities. We undertake thorough investigation and detail all relevant transport issues that relate to the proposed development.

Our assessments include:Transport Assessments

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