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This page has details on the following: Cycling Schemes, Pedestrian Improvement Schemes, Public Transport Studies and Travel to Work Studies.

Sustainable Transport

2020 Consultancy prides itself on our ability to implement sustainable measures within schemes we are involved in throughout the country. This reputation enables us to compete for sustainable transport projects such as:

We have engineers that specialise in each of these disciplines and will be happy to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Cycling Schemes

2020 Consultancy have successfully implemented cycle schemes that have seen an increase in cycling. Our project expert will discuss requirements and proposals initially before carrying out a detailed assessment of the area. We follow the design criteria that sets out best practice and we use innovative sustainable methods wherever possible.

We can design advisory cycle lanes or formal cycle lanes that are covered by a Traffic Regulation Order. 2020 Consultancy can also undertake borough-wide studies of existing cycling schemes to ascertain the suitability and affect.

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Pedestrian Improvement Schemes

Pedestrian Improvement Schemes2020 Consultancy have significant experience in pedestrian improvement schemes. Our project expert has designed over 20 major improvement schemes which have been recognised throughout the country.

Examples of pedestrian improvement schemes include:

We are happy to undertake a feasibility study to assist you in selecting the most appropriate measures and we can supply cost and benefit studies for all available measures.
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Public Transport Studies

There are many factors that affect public transports ability to deliver the service. These include traffic congestion, the routes, the existing infrastructure, time of day, and many more. It can be changeling to maintain supervision on all these factors, most of which are not controllable.

2020 Consultancy provide a service to clients that would like to be kept up to date with the delivery of public transport. We undertake surveys to ascertain capacity, time keeping, and footfall along the route. It enables local authorities and private sector companies to understand where improvements can be made to the service. We can identify areas responsible for delays and suggest solutions. We liaise with network co-ordinators to ensure there are no avoidable delays.

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Travel to Work Studies

40% of workplace journeys are less than 1 mile. 2020 Consultancy can undertake studies that highlight how many employees travel to work by private car and the length of their journey. These studies can see a huge increase in car sharing and sustainable forms of transport.

The benefits of travel to work studies include:

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