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Road Safety Education

Road Safety Education

Road Safety education is crucial to all road users, cyclists, and pedestrians. Understanding the highway keeps us safe and ensures no avoidable incidents occur. We teach children from a very early age how to behave on the highway.

Everyone one of us should spend time educating ourselves on road safety regardless of age, mode of transport, surroundings, and experience on the highway. 2020 Consultancy have a number of procedures and measures available to assist you with road safety education.

We have expertise in preparing bespoke training programmes for a variety of ages and abilities, which are designed to improve all road users' ability to stay safe on the public highway. These range from school presentations to workplace events.

Road Safety Initiatives

We have experience in significant modal shift as a result of our road safety initiatives and work programmes we do with schools and businesses regarding sustainable transport.

These include:

For more information regarding these programmes or for any other queries relating to road safety education please contact us today to find out more