Highways & Transportation Consultants
2020 Consultancy has 8 full time staff and up to 12 part time / contractors. Staff are separated into two teams; Engineering design, and Transport planning.

Company Profile

2020 Consultancy has eight full time members of staff and up to 12 part time or contract specific members of staff depending on our workload and nature of the work we are undertaking. The company is separated into two distinctive teams; Engineering Design, and Transport Planning.

The company is managed by a Director who manages the day to day running of the company and acts as the point of contact for our clients. Underneath the Director are two Principal Consultants; one for Engineering Design, and one for Transport Planning.

We then have three consultants, one for each team, and one who is qualified to work in both teams depending on workload.

As part of our Quality Management Policy, we undertake a background research and investigation study on every project we are involved in. As well as this, the majority of our projects involve a level of consultation and engagement. Therefore we have a designated Research & Engagement Consultant.

The purpose of this role is to supply the Principal Consultants with key information involved in the projects, produce non technical reports and scrutinise technical reports that have been produced, and manage the engagement and consultation tasks. We also employee a graduate consultant who gets involved in various aspects of our projects to get a full understanding of both teams.

Please find the structure of our company right:

2020 Consultancy Company ProfileDepending on the amount of work we have or the nature of the work we are undertaking, we often utilise our part time staff or contract specific staff.

This arrangement allows us to tender for work that has this requirement without having the overheads attached to this level of permanent staff.

This allows us to keep our quotations lower which benefits our clients.

Our Staff

We usually have up to 12 part time or contract specific members of staff working for 2020 Consultancy.

They include: